The DIGITAL ELDER Project is funded in part by the California Consumer Protection Foundation... thankfully! :)

Event Sponsors

Youth/Adult Sponsors: Michael Massenburg, Crystal Allen, Khalif Williams, Diane Lang, Ngozi RA

Special Thanks...

Mrs. Angela Scott-Hill, Director of Los Angeles Urban LeagueWest Adams/Baldwin Hills WorkSource Center for providing the space we need to do this work;

Mrs. Robin M. Caldwell, Executive Editor of BlackWeb2.0 for sharing your wisdom as our special guest speaker;

Black Women for Wellness for partnering with us to provide free follow-up trainings in technology education.

 Digital Elder Graduation Pledge

"This [The Digital Elder Project] has the potential of a groundswell movement for reclaiming or youths' potential by connecting with them to motivate and inspire."

- Barbara Turner, Digital Elder graduate