Become a Digital Elder

The Digital Elder training is a 2-day empowerment retreat, totaling 15 instructional hours. Participants range in age from 14-100 and are trained in two primary areas: Cultural Awareness & Technology.

Participants are educated in current issues facing the Black community in relation to Media Influence, Identity Development and Educational Achievement. Global disparities are discussed – social, academic and economic – and modern day solutions are identified. As a community, Digital Elder facilitators (known as Village Transformers) and participants tackle these issues, while revisiting African heritage, language, African American history and contemporary achievements. It is in this area of the training, critical connections are made to the importance of becoming media and technologically literate in order to resolve current cultural challenges and to begin mending the "African village" on a local and global level.

On the technology side, participants are divided by skill level and receive conceptual and practical instruction in computer operation, internet navigation/research, social media and gadgetry operation (ie. Mp3 players, texting, etc).

Both the Cultural Awareness & Technology training curricula are project-based, offering immediate application opportunities for participants. Various products are produced upon completion of the 2 day retreat, including a collaborative Youth Affirmation CD, Digital Elder Video Messages and other artistic, social media and electronic communication endeavors.

Upon completion of the workshop series, follow-up on-line trainings, webinars and regional professional development classes are offered to graduates, to continue their learning.

New location! @ Message Media Ed - School of Black Leadership in the Digital Age (4923 W. Adams Blvd. LA 90016)

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